How Do I Upload My Resume?

1.  Login to your Casting Workbook Account.

2. Click on PORTFOLIO at the top of the page. Right below that, click on "agent materials"

3.  Near the top in the centre, it will say "(Your Agents) Materials" below this, click on "Edit" on the right hand side.

4.  A blue bar will appear, right below Edit, click on Resume on the blue bar.

5.  Use the New Resume button on the right hand side to add either a typed-in resume or upload a PDF resume. Both typed-in and most uploaded PDFs allow Casting & Agents to search all of the text included in the resume to find your skills, credits or training easily.

6.  Click Confirm. That's it!

** Did you know? You can have multiple resumes including private ones. You can use private resumes when sending ePitches. This allows you to keep more specialty resumes hidden (maybe commercials or stunts) and still have them available to use. 

If you have any trouble with your upload, we are always here to assist. Please email with your resume file and we can get it uploaded for you.

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