How Do I Submit To A Breakdown

Casting Directors can choose to accept submissions from Members directly for selected projects or roles. If Casting has chosen to open the breakdown for Actors, you will be able to review and submit to the breakdown. The word "Submit" will appear at the right end of the breakdown row.

Here's how…

1. Once logged in to your Casting Workbook account, go to BREAKDOWNS/SIDES (located in the top menu).

2. After you have read over the breakdown, click the SUBMIT button located at the top right hand corner of the breakdown.

3. Select the role you wish you wish to be considered for, and click NEXT

4. The next step will ask you to Select your Representative. Actors with one agent will only have the one listing to choose from. Actors with more than one agent will need to select the appropriate agent for the project (based on project type, or location). Self Represented actors will see Talent Scout listed, which is what is used for all Self Representation submissions. 

5. The final page is where you can choose which photo from your profile appears with your Submission (please note: this is just the cover photo of your submission, Casting is able to see your entire portfolio once submitted). 

6. When ready, click SUBMIT NOW.

If you have been selected to audition, self tape etc., Casting will reach out to your agent (if you are represented), or contact you directly if unrepresented.

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