How Do I Update My Representation?

Having your Casting Workbook account listed with the right agency/agent is very important. If you need to make any changes to the representation on your profile, here's how to do so:

  • Under the Portfolio menu option, choose "Representation"

Here you can add and remove your agents. Any changes made here are instant and the affected agent is notified by email of the change.

  • Select  "Edit/Add"

  • Select "Add more"

Now you can search for your agency in the Agency search box. Start typing the agency name and they should pop up for you to choose. Select the existing agency from the list that appears (selecting Add New is only used if the agency does NOT appear and you are wanting to invite them to use Casting Workbook). 

  • All the agents for that agency will appear in the agent drop down, select your agent (only select Add new agent IF your agent does not appear and you are wanting to invite them to use Casting Workbook)

Once you have selected your agent, their email and phone number will automatically fill in based on what they have on file. 

  • You can use the red bin to remove any other agents or self represented listings no longer needed. Select "Save" to lock in your changes when ready, and your agent will be notified that you have added them

If you need any help with updating your representation, give us a call at 1-888-794-2278 to update over the phone.


Send us an email at with your name, Workbook ID number, name of the Agency, and the name of the Agent representing you; or if you need to be listed as Self Represented.

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