How Can I Share My Profile?

Since Casting Workbook profiles are not available to the general public or anyone who isn't a member, you can create a secure email of your portfolio to anyone with an email address. It's called an ePitch and here is how to create one:

1. Once logged in to your Casting Workbook account, click PORTFOLIO-->send materials

2. Select the agent or agents you want listed and the photo you wish to be the 'Cover Photo' of your email.

3. On the 'Materials' page, you can customize the email by adding/removing materials (this does not affect your CWB profile). *All public/viewable materials are automatically included.

4. The last page is your 'Cover Letter', here is where you add the email address of the recipient along with any details you want to include with the email. When you're done - press SEND.

5. For further optional customizations you can click "Preference" under the message body.

** TIP: First time using ePitch? Send one to yourself to see how it looks and works.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like further assistance; please give us a call at 1-888-794-2278 and the first available representative will be happy to assist.

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