How Can I Upload Media On A Pro Membership?

1.  Login to

2. Click on PORTFOLIO at the top of the page. Right below that, click on "Agent materials"

3.  Near the top in the centre, it will say "[Your Agent Name's] Materials" below this, click "Edit" on the right hand side.

4.  A blue bar will appear, right below Edit, click on either AUDIO or VIDEO (depending on clip type) on the blue bar.

5. Now you can name your media file in the Description box, and then drag and drop your file into the designated area, or use the 'Browse' button to find the file within your computer.

6. Then click the upload/save button. The media will upload and then be added to our encoder queue for processing. This can take some time depending on how busy the site is, the length of your file and the original format. Be patient. Unless you get a red X, your media will become viewable shortly after upload.

7. Once the media has finished uploading, you can make the clip viewable by agents & casting by deselecting the tick-box in the Private column. You cannot make a clip uploaded to an Audition request public.

If you have any trouble with your upload, we are always here to assist. Please email with your video file and we can get it uploaded for you.

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