Tips to Protect Yourself

Casting Workbook hosts job postings from both verified casting and unverified productions, such as some local and student projects. We’re constantly monitoring these projects, and adjusting our safety and security measures to aim at preventing fake jobs from being posted. 

Regardless of the apparent source, we recommend you follow these tips in order to protect yourself:

  1. Look for the green check mark:  This means that Casting Workbook has contacted the casting director directly, received references from the industry, and verified their account.
  2. Payment in Advance:  Legit projects won't give you payment upfront before you finish the job. But scams will try to lure you in by offering upfront payment, or asking for your banking info right away.
  3. Check sent in the mail: Some scammers will send you a bogus check to gain trust, or tell you it's to cover wardrobe, travel, or equipment costs. They will then compel you to transfer the money, before you discover the payment has bounced.
  4. Surprise fees: Be wary of unexpected fees or obligations that weren't mentioned in the original casting call. No legitimate casting will require additional membership or fees.
  5. Money transfers: Scammers might come up with excuses for you to send them money. Don't do it! 
  6. False identities: Watch out for scammers pretending to be real people or companies. They might even link to real websites, but their contact info won't match up.
  7. Fake websites: A lot of scammers will create a simple but effective website, with an incredible list of former clients. These websites do not usually provide tangible company information, contact details, or social media presence. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  8. Poorly written: Lots of casting scams come from people who don't really know entertainment industry lingo or standards, and usually showcase poor writing skills.
  9. Casting without an audition: It's very common for scammers to say they want to hire you without meeting you first. While some projects may hire actors online without first meeting, most legitimate casting won’t do this.
  10. Address requests: If they say you're hired but ask for your home address, be suspicious. Real projects don't usually need that info upfront.
  11. Vague location: Scammers might say they're "shooting near you" without specifying where, or change the location to match yours once they get a sense of where you are located.
  12. No casting notices: If someone you don't know emails you about a project, but there's no casting notice to be found, be suspicious.
  13. Modelling Jobs: Many casting scams are for modeling jobs. Be extra cautious.
  14. Nudity and inappropriate requests: Always feel empowered to walk away if they ask you send anything or do anything that makes you uncomfortable, especially if those requests are out of the blue. Anything strange, or unprofessional - just walk away.
  15. Bring a friend or family member: If you're asked to meet with someone from the company, bring a trusted friend or family member with you, especially if the meeting or audition is in an unfamiliar or private location.

Unfortunately, scammers will target anyone in the entertainment industry, so it is important to remain vigilant and cautious, especially if you do not have an Agent representing you.

When you upload your resume online, think about removing your personal email, phone number, and address. Scammers might look for resumes to contact actors directly. You may want to switch to an email you use strictly for acting / job submissions.

We always suggest submitting through Casting Workbook directly (How Do I Submit?), that way if someone turns out to be a scammer, and we lock them out, they no longer will have access to your details. If you are self-represented, and you submit to a project, be mindful of the public contact details you have provided in your portfolio.

If you spot a scam casting notice on Casting Workbook or get a sketchy email mentioning Casting Workbook, let us know by emailing

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